web design portfolio

Web Design Portfolio

WebX360 has a wide variety clients from small businesses and organizations to major corporations and international organizations, all using e-solutions to enhance their core businesses.

The value of what we do is not in the actual elements we create. The value is in the results that our customers experience. Results as meaningful as a reduction in operating costs, as tangible as a loyal customer, and as measurable as an increase in sales.

Please review some of our latest work in our online web design portfolio.

Partial Client List

Champion Dance Shoes
Coast Signs
Crown Labs
Dallas Sheriff's Union
Don's Gift Shop
Dr. Strange Records
Eyes On Hold
Hanson Brass
Hillcomm Telecom
IC Computer
J. Morita USA
J. Morita Corporate
Just Wide Shoes
Kids' View Child Care
Larry's RV's
Narrow Shoes Now
Omni Building Products
Phillip's Tire Co.
Print Solutions
Rizzuto's Wide Shoes
Sign Pros
Step One Hosting
Step One Solutions
The Flooring Outlet
The OnHold Experience
Ultimate Signs Manufacturing
VitaGanza Health Foods
West Coast Designs


Case Studies
VitaGanza Health Foods

Type: Corporate site
Website: http://www.vitaganza.com/

Description: Corporate identity site design, targeted marketing, logo design, and e-commerce database interface to Keystroke Point of Sale System.


Amazon Signs

Type: Corporate site
Website: http://www.amazonsigns.com/

Description: Site design, logo design, and targeted marketing.


J. Morita USA

Type: International Corporate site
Website: http://www.jmoritausa.com/

Description: Site design, Flash Animation, logo enhancement, and developed a corporate site portal for international locations (www.jmorita.com).


Champion Dance Shoes

Type: Corporate site
Website: http://www.championdanceshoes.com/

Description: Site design, logo design, targeted marketing, and e-commerce development.


Ultimate Signs Manufacturing

Type: Corporate site
Website: http://www.ultimatesigns.us/

Description: Corporate image work, site design, Flash Animation intro, printed advertising materials, and email ad designs.


Omni Building Products

Type: Corporate site
Website: http://www.dynobondproducts.com/

Description: Corporate identity Web site design and logo design.


Crown Labs

Type: Corporate site
Website: http://www.crownlabsusa.com/

Description: Corporate identity, Web site design, and e-commerce development.


Hillcomm Telecommunication

Type: Corporate site
Website: http://www.hillcomm.com/

Description: Corporate image work, logo enhancement, and site design.